What we do

What we do?

  • Opinion Polls
  • Political Research
  • Social Research
  • Business Advisory & Strategy Formulation
  • Longitudinal Research
  • Corporate Research

Business Strategy and Advisory Formulation

There are a number of areas we do carry out research:

  • Assessment studies to inform strategic options
  • Marketing
  • Media Strategy offline, online, digital & print
  • Public Relations
  • Image and Reputation Management
  • Fund Raising Strategies
  • Markets, Portfolios and Capital Assets
  • Merger and Acquisition management
  • Crises Management

Corporate Research

Somalia ICT is an independent Information Communication and Technology firm that aims at enhancing political, social & economic atmosphere in Somalia by providing cutting-edge data that is reliable, accurate and accessible. Through our corporate research we would appraise and analyze our clients on;

Feasibility studies

  • Consumer trends and analysis
  • Product launch
  • Price studies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand loyalty


Somalia ICT works commonly to a far-reaching range of regions in Somalia and may execute to thematic or geographic customization that the client considers vital. The Opinion Survey is focused on answering our clients’ probe questions and providing acumen to help them to better


  • Popularity
  • Issue based polls
  • Diary polls
  • Policy related polls

Somalia ICT obtains its survey data from an effective, often large, sample of the population. In this, we are able to examine issues at the state and community level. The Opinion Survey incorporates topical queries grounded back in time and which are relevant today. It is conducted annually and incorporates core trending queries. This consistency has enabled Somalia ICT to explore changes in trend of data and public opinion on different issues.
Somalia ICT Opinion Poll research team conducts rigorous studies, a factor that has attracted interests from various walks of life across the globe. Ethics play a critical role in any study and Data Grid Somalia survey methodology’s main advantage is its cultural awareness over and above technical soundness.
We can guarantee imperial and quality research.

Longitudinal Research

The Longitudinal Research team at the Somalia ICT is an internal group of specialists who work across all business and policy areas consulting and working on research areas with repeated observation of similar variables over an extensive period of time. Reports and trends on customer trend and satisfaction, crises management, political research and health research vary and differ over time. Our research team follows these changes with an intensive investigation.
Longitudinal research at Somalia ICT applies theory from social science in research design, data collection and analysis and in recommending and formulating interventions to be employed by our clients.
Given that the societal scientific model of inquiry is not ‘what works?’ but rather ‘what works for whom and under what conditions?’ at Somalia ICT, we ascertain that it is imperative to first comprehend the current strategies being instigated in depth and in context before trying to arbitrate to change.
In formulating research from a social perspective we acknowledge the limitations of any single research approach in comprehending issues that impact human life. With this in mind, Longitudinal research at Somalia ICT tends, where probable, to combine an appropriate combination of research methods including:

Additional traditional quantitative and qualitative methods:

  • Surveys
  • In-Depth interviewing
  • Focus group discussions
  • Structured observation
  • Video ethnography

To more modern additional digital methods like;

  • Mobile apps & security
  • Social media analysis, advertisement and information dissemination
  • Digital Unification in modern platforms

Social Research

Somalia ICT Social Research function conducts social exploration on an array of audiences comprising residents, service consumers, stakeholders, indigenous neighborhoods and societies, ‘hard to reach’ & susceptible groups, in addition to the wider Somalia public. Our forte is crafting and providing straightforward quantitative and qualitative social research.
In addition to the traditional local appraisals focused on user gratification and residents’ well-being, our portfolio also extends to;

  • Education (access, gender, performance, curriculum, quality of teaching, education cost and sponsorship)
  • Health (cost of health care, access, quality of healthcare, pregnancy, child mortality, nutrition, and growing up style)
  • Environmental studies
  • Gender (inequality, gender based violence, early age mirage, gender perception, and worshops)

The Somalia ICT social researchers conduct interviews and administer questionnaires and written surveys, to big samples. The investigators scrutinize the data attained from the surveys to learn more about resemblances, differences and trends in the different social areas.
As with a good number of research methods, social research has its limitations. However, at Somalia ICT, our research team manages these limitations by employing different methods of social research to validate the findings and guarantee our clients credible results.
The team conducts correlations by comparing the trend and milestones made in the different social sectors over time it. It also compares the developments made in other regions and identifies learning to ensure market leadership in Somalia.
Where apt, the Somalia ICT Social Research team carries out research by using secondary data. We use publicly available information for analysis from businesses, academic institutions, governmental agencies and library information to generate hypotheses and infer actionable meaning.
These hypotheses are tested through different research methods, among them comparative studies and cross-cultural research. The findings from the research are then analyzed in respect to our client’s mission and objectives.


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